KAGAWA Mini Rail & Ferry Pass


Eligible travelers

  1. The KAGAWA Mini Rail & Ferry Pass (hereinafter Pass) is for the use of passengers who have passports issued by governments other than Japan and have Temporary Visitor status based on the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.
  2. Valid only when used by the person whose name is printed on the special pass case. (Cannot be transferred.)

Terms of use and pricing

Pass Purchasing Overseas / Purchase in Japan
Adults Children
2-day 4,000 yen 2,000 yen

※Child prices apply to Children between the age of 6 and 11.


(1) Valid on the following lines during the validity period:

  1. Non-reserved seats in regular cars on limited express, rapid, and local trains on the following lines of Shikoku Railway Company: Yosan Line between Takamatsu and Kan-onji, Kōtoku Line between Takamatsu and Hiketa, and Dosan Line between Tadotsu and Kotohira.
  2. All Takamatsu-Kotohira Electric Railroad Lines
  3. Shodoshima Ferry passage between Takamatsu and Tonosho
  4. Shodoshima Olive Bus line

(2) Not valid on the following lines and trains:

  1. Sunrise Seto
  2. Shodoshima Ferry high speed boats, and passages other than between Takamatsu and Tonosho
  3. All bus lines except Shodoshima Olive Bus

How to purchase

Overseas (outside Japan)

(1) Purchase a ticket exchange order at one of the following partner offices:

  • Contracted travel agencies including JTB, Nippon Travel Agency, KNT-CT Holdings, Tobu TOP Tours, and JALPAK branches or agents
  • On all Hong Kong Express flights between Japan and Hong Kong
  • Shanghai Spring International Travel Services, Ltd.

Overseas sales locations

These are lists of overseas sales locations.


(2) After arriving in Japan, exchange it for a Pass at the Warp Takamatsu branch (Takamatsu Station JR Ticket Reservation Office after hours) or Warp Plaza at Sakaide Station.

*Depending on how busy the counter is, it may take a while to exchange your order, so allow for some time at the exchange location.

  • At the exchange location, fill out the provided application form and pass case and present your passport with your short-term visa stamp.
  • The selling price is calculated based on The BSR (bank selling rate) at the time of issue. lt will fluctuate according to the exchange rate.
  • The price in the local currency, the actual exchange rate and the date of issue are printed on the face of the exchange order.
  • The ticket exchange order is valid for three months from the date of purchase.

In Japan

Purchase your Pass at the Warp Takamatsu branch (Takamatsu Station JR Ticket Reservation Office after hours) or Warp Plaza at Sakaide Station.

<Exchange/domestic sales locations>

Kagawa Prefecture

Takamatsu Station

4:20AM - 11:00PM
(Year round)

Warp Takamatsu branch

10:00AM - 6:00PM
10:00AM - 5:30PM on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

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map:Warp Takamatsu

Sakaide Station Warp Plaza

10:00AM - 6:00PM
Saturday only
10:00AM - 2:00PM
3:00PM - 6:00PM
Closed on Sundays and holidays
map:Sakaide Station Warp Plaza
  • map:Warp Takamatsu
  • map:Sakaide Station Warp Plaza

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