Ticket name

(Rail pass for non-Japanese residents and visitors to Japan, exclusive product for travel agencies.)


  • The tickets are sold to customers with non-Japanese passports or residence cards(*). (*) Any status of residence
  • Tickets cannot be purchased without a non-Japanese passport or residence card, even if you are traveling with someone who does.

Sales period (E-MCO)

Through March 29 , 2023 (Wednesday)
*To be sold from one month before the first date of ticket use to the day of use.

Period of exchange

Through March 29 , 2023 (Wednesday)

Period of use

3 consecutive days until March 31 , 2023 (Friday)
*Tickets will be available until March 29 , 2023 (Wednesday)
(The period of the sale, exchange, and use are based on Japan time.)

Period of validity

3 days


Adults (12 years and over): 11,000 yen per person
Children (ages 6 to 11): 5,500 yen per person

Where to buy

E-MCO (Electronic Miscellaneous Charges Order) can be purchased from designated travel agency websites.

  • KKday
  • nta
  • klook
  • rakuten
  • Wamazing

Where to exchange

Warp Takamatsu, Warp Matsuyama, Warp Tokushima, and Warp Kochi.

*Only the exchange of E-MCO is carried out by the above 4 branches.

Ticket details

  • Tickets are valid for 3 days.
  • The ticket offers free rides on Limited Express and local trains with unreserved seats on the entire JR Shikoku line (including the section between Utazu and Kojima) and the entire Tosa Kuroshio Line.
    It can also be used on fixed-route busses (Ōtochi and Kumakogen routes) of JR Shikoku Bus. (It cannot be used on Expressway buses.)
  • The ticket is only valid for the section of travel stated on the ticket if using a reserved seat on an ordinary car or a Green Car on Limited Express trains. A separate fare ticket must be purchased. However, the ticket cannot be used on Sunrise Seto.
  • The ticket is only valid for the section of travel stated on the ticket if traveling on sightseeing trains such as the Monogatari train. A separate fare ticket must be purchased. However, the ticket cannot be used on Iyonada Monogatari Green Car “Haruka-no-Sho”.
  • If using a reserved seat or Green Car on local trains, a separate reserved seat ticket or Green Car ticket must be purchased.
  • Suppose the ticket expires after boarding a train; it can be used until you reach your final destination within the train’s free-ride zone, as long as you do not make a stopover.
  • If you wish to make changes to your ticket before you have received it (before the E-MCO has been exchanged for a ticket), please contact the travel agency where you have purchased your E-MCO. Once you have received your ticket, you cannot change the start date or change to another ticket.
  • E-MCOs can be reimbursed by the travel agency from which they are purchased within one year from the issue date. Please contact the travel agency to learn more about the terms and conditions, including refund handling fees.
  • If the ticket is unused and up to the day before its validity period has begun, a refund minus handling fees(*) will be issued at the Warp branch where the E-MCO was exchanged for the ticket.
    (*) The handling fee is 10% of the ticket’s value in Japanese yen.
  • Once used, tickets will not be refunded under any circumstances, including train service failures and delays.
  • The difference will not be refunded even if you use local train services.

Presentation of passport and verification of residency status

  • Your passport or residence card will be used to verify your purchase eligibility when you exchange your E-MCO. You will not receive a ticket if your status cannot be confirmed.
  • Suppose purchasing tickets for more than one person together; you must have the passports or residence cards of all passengers using the tickets.
  • E-MCOs must be exchanged for tickets at designated exchange place before traveling by train.
  • E-MCOs must be exchanged within three months from the date of issue and up to the date of use.
  • If you travel on trains without exchanging your E-MCO, you will be required to pay for the fare and charges for the sections you have traveled.
  • Be sure to carry your passport or residence card when using the ticket and present it when requested by the staff.