Food, nature, culture,
four countries...

It consists of four counties in Tokushima Prefecture, Kagawa Prefecture, Ehime Prefecture, and Kochi Prefecture.
The four countries are filled with local specialties not found in other regions.
Cruise the four countries will let you meet the unique sea, mountains, rivers, etc.
Nature and traditional scenery.

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    3-day 12,000 yen(Children 6,000 yen) 12,500 yen(Children 6,250 yen) 12,500 yen(Children 6,250 yen)
    4-day 15,000 yen(Children 7,500 yen) 15,500 yen(Children 7,750 yen) 15,500 yen(Children 7,750 yen)
    5-day 17,000 yen(Children 8,500 yen) 17,500 yen(Children 8,750 yen) 17,500 yen(Children 8,750 yen)
    7-day 20,000 yen(Children 10,000 yen) 20,500 yen(Children 10,250 yen) 20,500 yen(Children 10,250 yen)

KAGAWA Mini Rail & Ferry Pass

An Economical Pass to freely travel Kagawa by train

Sightseeing Trains


    Relax in this train with retro modern decor as you enjoy an up-close view of the Iyonada Sea. The train attendants and locals will welcome you with warm hospitality.


    Decorated with a traditional Japanese house theme, the design for the interior is based on a Japanese aesthetic. Let your imagination run wild as you lose yourself in thoughts of the distant past while discovering the hidden beauty of this landscape of forested mountains and valleys.


    Inspired by the dawn of modern Japan envisioned by the patriots of the closing days of the Tokugawa shogunate, the design also incorporates some more modern motifs. Enjoy views of the verdant mountains and the horizon on the Pacific Ocean as you ride along the coast.

  • Anpanman Train

    Introducing the Anpanman train, extremely popular among children.
    Come aboard the "Anpanman Train" for an unforgettable experience!

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Sightseeing Guide for the Four Prefectures
on Shikoku Island

Click the desired prefecture name on the map.

  • Ehime

    Ehime tourist information

  • Kochi

    Kochi tourist information

  • Kagawa

    香川県公式観光サイト うどん県旅ネット

    Kagawa tourist information

  • Tokushima

    Tokushima tourist information