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1Shikoku Railway Company (JR Shikoku)

JR Shikoku operates an intercity network between several cities within Shikoku and across the Seto Ohashi Bridge to Kojima Station in Okayama. Our motto is "Safety, accuracy, and comfort". From the large windows on the limited express connecting city to city, you can gaze out at the sea and mountain scenery of Shikoku.
There are also various elaborately designed trains, such as the Anpanman Train, which can only be seen in Shikoku, and fun sightseeing trains like the Iyonada Monogatari, Shiman Torocco, and Hobby Train. Come and see the many things that make Shikoku a fascinating place!

Company profile

Company name Shikoku Railway Company
Address (Head office) 8-33 Hamano-cho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa 760-8580
URL http://www.jr-shikoku.co.jp/global/en/
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Photo gallery

Special contents

  • Station stamps

    Station stamps appeal to the collector in you, even if you're not a stamp fanatic. It may appear easy to collect them, but it actually takes quite a bit of effort. Not every station has stamps, and if the teller window hours are short, you have to be sure to visit during that timeframe. Welcome to the world of station stamps, where you will find loads of regional information packed into a small package.

  • JR SHIKOKU:Railroad Scenery

    Take a look at photographs of things related to JR Shikoku such as thrilling scenery from travels, family shots at stations and on trains, and interesting landscapes seen from the window on the train entered into the photo contest for the JR Shikoku 25th anniversary campaign.
    JR Shikoku: Railroad Scenery

2Iyo Railway

Iyo Railway Co., Ltd. (Iyotetsu) was established as Iyo Railway Company in 1888 and operated between Matsuyama and Mitsu.
It was Japan's first narrow-gauge light railway and Japan's second privately operated railway.
The trains that were originally in use were introduced as "matchbox-like steam trains" in Soseki Natsume's novel Botchan. The main character Botchan, who worked as a teacher at a junior high school in Matsuyama City, rode on this train, so it was later referred to as the "Botchan Train".
Use the convenient Iyo Railway for Matsuyama Castle, Dogo Onsen, and other sightseeing spots in Matsuyama City.

Company profile

Company name Iyo Railway Co., Ltd.
Address 4-1 Minato-machi, Matsuyama City, Ehime 790-0012
URL http://www.iyotetsu.co.jp/bus/global/en/

3Tosaden Kotsu

Tosa Electric Railway, which was founded over 100 years ago in 1903, was reborn as Tosaden Kotsu on October 1, 2014 through a merger with Kochiken Kotsu and Tosaden Dream Service.
The timetable, fares, etc. of the former company were kept as-is. Centering on the "Harimaya Bridge" intersection at the center of Kochi City, it covers a total of 25.3 kilometers from Ino in the west to Gomen-machi in the east and from Kochi-Ekimae in the north to Sanbashi-dori-gochome in the south.
Efforts are being made to further improve service and convenience with the aim of achieving sustainable public transportation into the future.

Company profile

Company name Tosaden Kotsu
Address 4-12-7 Sanbashi-dori, Kochi City, Kochi 780-8010
URL http://www.tosaden.co.jp/ (Japanese only)


  • This was the first train to be painted in the corporate color after establishing a new company on October 1 2014. In the future, the rest of the trains will progressively be repainted in the same color.

  • On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, foreign trains are operated primarily between Kochi Ekimae and Masugata (except in the summer).
    *The screen shows a Portuguese train and the characters Gomen-kun and Iino-chan.

4Tosa Kuroshio Railway

Tosa Kuroshio Railway Co., Ltd. (Tosakuro) operates between eastern (42.7 kilometers between Gomen and Nahari Stations on the Gomen-Nahari Line) and western (66.6 kilometers between Kubokawa and Sukumo Stations on the Nakamura-Sukumo Line) Kochi.
Characters designed for each station (20 characters/20 stations) by Takashi Yanase, famous for Anpanman, greet people along the Gomen-Nahari Line. Additionally, there are many elevated bridges along the tracks that run beside the shore, so you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of Tosa Bay from the windows.
JR Shikoku limited express trains run on the Nakamura-Sukumo Line as the line that connects Kochi City and the western areas of the prefecture. Nakamura Station is the central station of this area and serves as the departure point for the Shimanto River and sightseeing in Ashizuri, Tatsukushi, and Kashiwa Island.
Both lines run through regions blessed with the bountiful nature and food of Kochi, and there are many tourist spots and famous things to eat along the way.

Company profile

Company name Tosa Kuroshio Railway Co., Ltd.
Address 7-1 Ekimae-cho, Shimanto City, Kochi 787-0010
URL http://www.tosakuro.com

Special contents

  • 7-municipality wrap advertising regular train on Nakamura-Sukumo Line (Shimanto town wrap advertising train)

  • Sunny-kun + Sanko-chan & Daruma Evening Sun Train

  • Gomen-Nahari Line open deck train

5Asa Kaigan Railway

Asa Kaigan Railway Co., Ltd. (Asa Kaigan) operates the Asato Line, a short, 8.5 kilometer line that runs between Tokushima and Kochi.
Kaifu Station is where the JR Mugi and Asato Lines meet. From this station, you can enjoy going between mountains while looking out at the blue sea, passing through Shishikui Station (the only manned station on the line) and then a long tunnel that crosses the Tokushima and Kochi border before reaching Kannoura Station, the last stop. The whole trip takes only 11 minutes, but you can admire the scenery of the nature-rich Muroto-Anan Kaigan Quasi-National Park.

Company profile

Company name Asa Kaigan Railway Co., Ltd.
Address 22-1 Shishikuiura-Masakaji, Kaiyo-cho, Kaifu-gun, Tokushima 775-0501
URL http://www.asatetu.com/ (Japanese only)


  • The ASA301 is from the Takachiho Railway in Kyushu and has local characters Sudachi-kun and Ponkan-kun painted on it. The "Minadenoranke" logo means "Let's all ride together" in the local dialect. It was photographed with cherry trees along the railroad line. Lobsters are a specialty of the town of Kaiyo.

    Lobsters molt once or twice a year. They were recommended as stationmaster to symbolize the Asato Line coming out of deficits. The photograph shows the stationmaster's office and lobster stationmasters Asa and Tetsu.

6Takamatsu-Kotohira Electric Railroad

Takamatsu-Kotohira Electric Railroad Co., Ltd. (Kotoden), which runs along Sanukiro, operates three lines that cover about 60 kilometers centered on Takamatsu, where the prefectural office is located.
There are many fascinating sights to see along the railroad that blend in with the seasonal natural scenery, including Kotohira-gu, which is home to the god of the sea known from ancient times as "Sanuki-no Konpirasan," and Ritsurin Garden, which is the largest of the gardens designated as special places of scenic beauty. From the top of Yashima, which is known for the shape of its roof, you can look out at the city of Takamatsu against the calm sea of Seto and the many beautiful islands of the Seto Inland Sea.
You can enjoy a nostalgic Taisho-style train trip on a Kotoden original retro train that also runs regularly.

Company profile

Company name Takamatsu-Kotohira Electric Railroad Co., Ltd.
Address 2-19-20 Ritsurin-cho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa 760-0073
URL http://www.kotoden.co.jp


7Shodoshima Ferry

Shodoshima Ferry Co., Ltd. operates a route mainly centered on the Seto Inland Sea called "Aegean Sea" in Japan.
If you use the"ALL SHIKOKU Rail Pass", there is a ferry route between Takamatsu Port and Tonosho Port available.The number of flights operated is 15 round trips (1 day), and the required time is approximately 60 to 70 minutes.
Please enjoy the scenery of the beautiful islands of the Seto Inland Sea.

Company profile

Company name Shodoshima Ferry Co., Ltd.
Address 8-28 Sunport, Takamatsu City, Kagawa 760-0019
URL https://www.shikokuferry.com/

8Shodoshima Olive Bus

About 1 hour by ferry from Takamatsu Port. Among the islands floating in the Seto Inland Sea, Shodoshima is the second largest island. It is an island famous as Olive Island in particular. Shodoshima Olive Bus Co., Ltd. is a bus company that operates a route bus within Shodoshima island. By using "ALL SHIKOKU Rail Pass", all the bus routes operated by Shodoshima Olive Bus Co., Ltd. can be used to access the main sightseeing spots of Shodoshima Island.

Company profile

Company name Shodoshima Olive Bus Co., Ltd.
Address (Tonoshō Port Terminal) 201-5165 Kō, Tonoshō-chō, Shōzu-gun, Kagawa 761-4101
URL http://www.shodoshima-olive-bus.com/

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